What? Who? How? Why? Where?

Goal making

The StillChillSpace is a Grow Still initiative to establish a community center for the young adults of Montreal. While there are such spaces for the general population, for families, for kids, for teenagers, for individuals with special needs, and so on, this would be one of the first community spaces specifically for emerging adults between the ages of 18 and 32.

one-on-one meetings

The StillChillSpace would be a safe haven for all who feel lost, who are struggling with their mental, physical or occupational health, who feel misunderstood or like they do not belong. It is a place to take respite from the chaos of our fast-paced society, to connect with peers outside of work/school/party environments, to find inspiration and empowerment. It is the home of the Grow Still team, a diverse group of young adults who were drawn together by a common mission: to provide support and guidance to their peers through holistic and interactive services.

The StillChillSpace welcomes local artists, healers, teachers and mentors, allowing us to foster a vibrant, wholesome atmosphere rich in resources and human connection.

Grow Still is launching a crowdfunding campaign on La Ruche to raise the money needed to bring this dream to life.

Crowdfunding consists in collecting donations from people and businesses who support the cause and want to contribute to funding the project.
La Ruche is a crowdfunding platform that provides support throughout the process.
They have partnered up with the 1001 Fund for Young People to grant a matching donation if the crowdfunding goal is reached.

On July 14th 2022, we will launch our campaign to raise 50 000$ and we will have 60 days to reach this objective.

Once attained, the 1001 FYP will grant Grow Still another 50 000$, allowing the center to be in operation 3 days per week for the first pilot year.


Discussion circles

Acoustic music

Poetry slams


Yoga classes

And much more! All of these activities are expected to be on the agenda for a typical day at the StillChillSpace.

Subscription will be free for the first month, then on 2-for-1 special for the second month, and then it will be 30$/month to have unlimited access with discounts on workshops and food.

The location is yet to be confirmed but it will be on the island of Montreal and accessible by public transportation.