Meet the team

Jasmine Mascarenhas


Co-founderDirector General

Hey! I’ve worn many hats until now from researcher, to program designer and developer, “headhunter” to find the right team and I’ve also been a Life Guide, grantwriter… accountant. I’ve had this idea in my mind for a long while but at this stage as it has come together, I’m comfortably standing in my role as program director/team manager. My days can look like guiding the team, organizing community events, troubleshooting, scheduling and coordinating meetings (and hosting them) and I always make sure to check in with all my team members on a personal level.

I’m also trying to connect to other community organizations, and I’m always trying to dig deeper to “disrupt” the status quo of institutions that are contributing to the gaps in healthcare, education and youth protection — the reason I started Grow still in the first place! From age 21-25 after CEGEP, I experienced a lot of suffering, disequilibrium and inner and outer conflict despite being a confident college graduate with a supportive network of friends and family. I asked myself: …then why is this happening? I know that if I had access to a resource like Grow still, I may have gotten to a point of stability and happiness not necessarily faster, but with less struggle, negative emotions, and with less impacts on my health. Then I started to think about people who were in different sectors and situations than myself and this is where the idea for Grow still was born. I wanted to pass on the knowledge I’d learned from this journey and process. I’m armed with a BA in Human Relations, and am learning a lot from my part-time job at Logifem, a shelter for struggling women.

My favourite song right now: Needy, by Molly Burch

What I do for fun: Alone time doing whatever i feel like! This may seem simple, but I dispense a lot of social energy on a regular basis and am quite self-disciplined when it comes to work and personal development, so chilling alone, listening to music, maybe having an edible, sounds like the most fun day to me.

Fun fact: I’ve read the Harry Potter series at least 10 times. The last time, I was in Cegep and decided to not read it again until i have a kid to read it with, so i can vicariously experience it again for the first time with them. Now that I am quite sure i don’t want children of my own, I am hoping my brother allows me the honour of reading it to my nephew once he is old enough.

anne graphic design web development


Graphic Designer & Web Developer

After finishing my studies in design, and a few years of work experience in web design, Grow still is now the perfect opportunity to apply what I have learned in this field in a stimulating and challenging project. To meet and work alongside inspiring people motivates me to bring the best out of my abilities. At work and in my personal life, I often have a strong sense of adventure and connecting with people through this type of collaborative work opens up the possibilities for anything. Working with Grow still will not only help others but it will also help me to understand the role of love in human relationships and how that can strengthen us to meet life’s challenges.

My favourite song right now: Seven Swans, by Sufjan Stevens

What I do for fun: Swing dancing & sewing.

Fun fact: I prefer the cold.

daniel mentor grow team


Co-founderLeadership Coach
& President of the Board

Daniel is a physiotherapist and entrepreneur: “I’ve grown my team at Physiothérapie universelle and we’ve helped a large group of people improve their quality of life by increasing their physical capacities and personal autonomy. I’ve been interested in self-development for a long time and I’ve been volunteering for three years as a coach at the Landmark forum — a self-expression and leadership program that encourages leadership qualities in our participants. In this role, I had a similar idea for a project with objectives to give tools to young adults to take action, to help organize themselves, and to improve their communication with others, so they can realize their personal and professional dreams. I’ve been searching for a team to build my project and I had the privilege of meeting Jasmine and observing the similarities between our mutual goals. Seeing Jasmine’s leadership and what she has already accomplished with Grow, I’m proud to be her mentor. I want her project to grow because emerging adults really need this kind of support.”

vanessa program design research facilitator


Co-founderHead of Research & Workshops,
Team Manager

I was in my last semester of my Specialized Bachelor at Concordia University- Specialization of Human Relations concentration in community development and Youth- when I learned about Grow still. I wanted to work with Grow still because I felt that it’s four step program facilitated an experience that I wished existed when I was a lost and confused young adult leaving Youth Protection System. Grow still’s holistic learning tools, personal development approach, positive environmental practices, motivational resources and community vibe fills a gap that is missing in services for young adults of diverse backgrounds. I wanted and still want this type of professional community lifestyle/workspace and resource networking center to influence my own life in allowing me to have a safe space to explore my creativity, develop my professional skills, meet amazing community-initiatives and keep me on top of my own wellness action plan. Right now I am also currently pursuing my graduate studies in Youth Work at Concordia University.

My favourite song right now: Power ft Stormzy – Little Mix (Dedicated to my forever ladies who made me who I am today)

What I do for fun: I’m a bookworm and dancing feels like freedom! I also love being in nature – walking by the lake being surrounded by trees is where I get my life force.

Fun fact: I changed my career path four times and each experience transformed me in different ways, leading me in the right direction. I love what I do today.

nithusan treasurer


Financial Manager

Hey I’m Nithu! I have a DEC in Accounting and Management technologies and I am currently studying Human Relations at Concordia which gives me the tools necessary to assist in bookkeeping and management of finances at Grow still while keeping a humanistic approach. Additionally, I have been working at Stanford Properties Group also in bookkeeping and management, which supplements my knowledge with real life experience. I was attracted to Grow still by the fact that they help young adults that are in a similar situation as I was a couple of years ago. I relate to some of the struggles that individuals in these ages go through and I would like to help them in any way possible. On top of this, the organization was founded by alumnus from the major that I am currently pursuing in university; therefore, I feel a special connection to this organization. I believe that by being a part of Grow still, not only will I be obtaining experience, enhancing my current knowledge, and acquiring new skills, but I will be doing so while having a positive impact on society at the same time.

My favourite song right now: Tokyo Drifting, by Glass Animals

What I do for fun: Spend time with family/friends.

Fun fact: I used to breakdance!



Creative Content Designer

Hey! I’m Aislinn, content creator, writer and illustrator. Working alongside Grow has been a unique experience- allowing me to use my talents to bring community vision to life. My favourite thing about Grow is the people: a fresh breath of air with a cool and caring crew. Like harmony flowing through a river, this journey is a 5 star boat cruise!

Taylor content writer buisness consultant


Marketing Manager

I’m Taylor! A certified yoga and meditation teacher, content writer, and English teacher! I wear many hats because I value exploring different social circles, career paths, and skills. As a religious and spiritual person, I believe that growing and maintaining a healthy connection with the Creator, oneself, and others will help us get closer to peace. GROW’s purpose aligns with these cathartic goals that I think myself and the community is aching to achieve.

My favourite song right now: My Song, by Labi Siffre

What I do for fun: Sit in cafes and chat about WHATEVER with my friends.

Fun fact: Meditation works!

Veronika youth and music facilitator


Human Relations Manager

Hi, I’m Veronika, I am 29 years old and I’ve been in Montreal for 20 years, after emigrating from Minsk, Belarus. I began playing violin at the age of 6 at the Minsk Music Conservatory. I continued studying music in Montreal privately at first, and then moved on to studying at the Montreal Music Conservatory as well as McGill Schulich School of Music. I am currently a member of Orchestre Nouvelle Generation and La Pieta. I also sub with Orchestre Symphonique de Sherbrooke, Sinfonia, Nova Scotia Symphony as well as L’orchestre Symphonique de Quebec. I am in my last year of a Bachelor degree at Concordia University in Human Relations, Family Sciences Specialization and a minor in religion. I work as an on-call psychosocial intervention worker at Logifem; a shelter for women, and single mothers and children in difficulty. Jasmine, the founder of GROW, is also my co-worker at Logifem. I was able to hear about the project at its earlier stages and I was excited by the idea of being a part of such a wonderful service. I began following their one-on-one program with Vanessa, whom I also happened to know from classes at Concordia, and now I am one of the newest additions to the team!

My favourite song right now: The Songwriter, by Father John Misty

What I do for fun: I took muay thai classes for about 3 months. I was very bad at it.