Grow Still In The Media

Co-founder and Team Manager/Head of Research & Workshops Vanessa was interviewed for the Book of Achievers blog, which highlights inspirational stories driven by up-and-coming leaders from all over the world. The article was released in November 2021.

Grow Still co-founder and director Jasmine was a guest on the Alfa Relations Podcast, which ‘looks to explore and discuss topics that aim to invoke thought-provoking conversations on the subjects of societal change, personal growth, all while driving change forward.’ The 27th episode was released in May 2021 and can be found on all streaming platforms.

Our first “Chronicles of Growth” article gained the attention of the Presencing Institute, which “co-creates innovation labs, delivers capacity building programs and conducts action research worldwide in order to support and scale profound societal innovation” and was featured in their Field of the Future blog in January 2021

Grow Still co-founder and director Jasmine appeared in an IG live with Alina from Alegoria, the social mandala game that ‘promotes connection, curiosity, and collaboration’