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At Grow Still, we follow the 10 Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising in order to establish a safe, inclusive, and impactful foundation for raising money. These principles include:

  • Fundraising must be grounded in Race, Equity, and Social Justice.
  • Individual missions are not as important as the collective community.
  • Nonprofits are generous with and mutually supportive of one another.
  • All elements that strengthen community are equally valued and appreciated.
  • Time is valued equally as money
  • We respect our donors’ integrity and treat donors as partners, which means occasionally pushing back.
  • We foster a sense of belonging in our fundraising work; we avoid treating anyone as an “other”.
  • We believe, and we encourage donors to believe, that we all benefit from this work
  • We believe and encourage donors to believe, that the work is holistic, not a collection of isolated segments.
  • We recognize that healing and liberation requires a commitment to economic justice.

Here are a few ways your donation will help Grow Still:

  • Operation of our services at an affordable price.
  • Offering free services to individuals aging out of the Youth Protection system.
  • Equitable pay for our employees, who are also emerging adults.
  • Development of our website into a resource accessible to emerging adults around the world.
  • Diversifying supplies used for our Be Who You Art workshop.
  • Raising awareness about the issues faced by emerging adults such as identity confusion, unemployment, poor mental health, burnout, and more.
  • Advocating for emerging adults to be recognized by the Canadian government as a distinct population needing targeted support.

Community centric funding

Community-Centric Fundraising is a fundraising model that is grounded in equity and social justice. We prioritize the entire community over individual organizations, foster a sense of belonging and interdependence, present our work not as individual transactions but holistically, and encourage mutual support between nonprofits.

Career Opportunities

Marketing and Outreach Intern

Organization : Grow Still 

Job Territory : Greater Montreal Area (most work done remotely, but must have 1 day per week available for in-person duties)

Number of positions available :  1

Job Category : Community Development and Social Services

Posting Start Date : September 6th

Posting End Date : December 28th 2021 

Position type: part-time (20hrs/week)

Salary: internship basis, with possibility of compensated employment in 2022


We are currently looking for a Marketing & Outreach Intern, meaning a student looking for fieldwork experience needed for the completion of their degree. The purpose of this role is to maximise the impact of our thought leadership and increase the organization’s visibility through the execution of our Marketing plan (i.e. production/coordination of high-quality communications materials, leading our crowdfunding campaign, etc.) and the development and implementation of an effective outreach strategy.

This role is one of innovation, with plenty of space to stamp your creativity and exercise leadership in a rapidly evolving company that is actively making a positive change in the world. This position would be heading our marketing and communication efforts. We hope to increase staffing in this department over time, therefore this role may entail training new members in the future.

Please note that we are giving preference to members of the BIPOC, LGBTQ2+ in order to counter institutional barriers faced by this population. 

About Grow Still

Grow Still (Grandir Encore)  is a not-for-profit Support & Resource Centre for Emerging Adults. Founded in 2019, our work has benefited a small but growing community, which we wish to expand. Our services include individual peer support, group workshops, and discussion circles open to the general public.

Our Mission 

To guide 18-32 year-old individuals through the transitional process of emerging adulthood so they can become healthy, balanced, and contributing members of society.

Qualifications, Requirements, and Eligibility

  • Candidates should be an undergraduate student in a relevant field (ideally, social engagement, marketing, community development, communications, policy studies, urban studies, or political science);
  • Familiarity with Montreal-based community programs & activities, various marketing platforms and techniques, and government subsidy procedures
  • Demonstrate strong written, communication, and organizational skills
  • Some experience in policy, program, and practice mapping; qualitative data collection and analysis;
  • Prior experience coordinating market research planning, including the ability to work independently
  • Prior experience in marketing
  • Ability and willingness to work effectively within required timeframes
  • Must be fully bilingual (French and English)

Additional assets

  • Have a basic understanding of Human Relations


Community & Business Partnerships

  • Identify new business opportunities and build positive relations with key decision-makers 
  • Collaborate with community players
  • Represent Grow Still at meetings or events with potential partners, sponsors and funders, or as requested on various internal or external committees
  • Communicate Grow Still programs and developments, as well as the issues it is addressing, to prospective partners using different platforms
  • Ensure a robust pipeline of opportunities through current and new business networks, community organisation partnerships, and institutional contingencies. 
  • Understand the issues experienced by hard-to-reach individuals in the Greater Montreal Area
  • Identify key events and campaigns that may lead to long-term and sustainable relationships with community partners 


  • Present and consult with the Management and Operations team on current trends to develop new services, products, and offers
  • Work with the Operations team to meet client and stakeholder needs
  • Co-create business proposals and customize approaches 

Grow Still Team

  • Submit regular progress reports to Grow Still team and ensure data is accurate
  • Participate in Grow Still Team meetings and collaborate on related projects and tasks as needed
  • Perform other related duties as requested by the immediate supervisor

To Apply

Please include a paragraph relating to your creative profile in your letter of intention by answering these questions:

Are you…

  • Looking for a job that will bring forward your other hidden talents/hobbies in your life? Tell us about them.
  • Currently engaging in artistic pursuits?
  • Interested in using your creativity within your work environment?

Please send your CV and letter of intention to

For information or questions about this job posting, contact

We thank all applicants. If your application is not withheld for this specific job posting, we will still contact you in case you are interested in being involved in another capacity.