Community Partners & Sponsors

Community Partners


Alina began her journey into social innovation with her studies of international development and economics at McGill University. She there discovered the potential for social entrepreneurship to solve the world’s most urgent issues and pursued her Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship at the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit to research collaborative creation. Alina specialists on identifying, promoting, and implementing the necessary conditions and culture that make people shine through, thrive and create together for the greater good.

Since then, Alina founded Alegoria Game, the trilingual board game for connection and belonging, published her research on Maker Ventures twice, and led international Open Source Pharma collaborative initiatives.

Alina co-founded Alegoria Game to support groups suffering from social stress and disconnect among groups in the mission towards a world where connection isn’t so scary and each person can feel like they can belong and thrive.

Grow Still has benefited from the original social connection game since its very first Becoming Your Best Self Workshop series in 2019, and countless other circles and team meetings since then.

Satellite Studios

This collection of private studios with shared common rooms has been our home since Grow Still was known as just ‘Grow’ in early 2019. Most of the tenants are emerging adults, freelancers, and artists, making for a diverse and enriching environment, perfect for the sprouting of our organization. We will continue to build a relationship with the friends and collaborations we made in this special haven up in the sky overlooking the plateau Mont-Royal, while we aspire to build a community space in Verdun.

Pop Montreal

Pop Montreal is an annual not-for-profit curated cultural event that champions independence in the arts by presenting emerging and celebrated artistic talents from around the world.

Concordia University

Concordia University is a next-generation academic institution, continually reimagining the future of higher education. Located in the vibrant and multicultural city of Montreal, Concordia is the top-ranked university in North America founded within the last 50 years and annually registers some 51,000 students through its innovative approach to experiential learning and cross-functional research.

Co-founders Vanessa and Jasmine met through their affiliation to the Applied Human Sciences department at Concordia. It was actually through a fieldwork project that Vanessa and Jasmine first met. Since then, they have maintained a connection with the university, and AHSC more closely by supporting students and alumni of the program. In 2020, we supervised 5 interns and 1 volunteer from AHSC. In 2021-2022, we supervised 10 interns. There has been nothing but positive outcomes for all parties, making this a mutually beneficial partnership. Grow Still has gained a remarkable reputation as attentive, considerate mentors and role models for Concordia students, providing structure but also flexibility. We expect to welcome yearly and are grateful for this ongoing relationship.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco is a Youth Leadership non-profit organization. Grow Still’s relationship with Don Bosco is fairly new.

They were stellar partners in coordinating facilitation and participant recruitment for one of our groups of interns. Their community members were thus offered the opportunity to participate in a new workshop, and we had help in finding new participants.  

We expect to collaborate on many projects with Don Bosco in the future. 


Clean27 is an outpatient rehabilitation service for people experiencing harm associated to substance use disorders and/or addictive behaviours. Founder Jonathan was a guest speaker at our Care2Share Discussion Circle about Substance Abuse.



The Diving Bell was one of our earliest sponsors, allowing us to use their space for events and workshops free of cost. Thank you Austin, Evan, and Jason for all your support over the years.

Jeunes Volontaires is a provincial government subsidy which greatly helped us get started. It allowed us the freedom to flesh out our workshops and offer them for free to our trusting first participants. Special thank you to Marc Pelletier and Isabelle Buswell for being stellar guiding agents who supported us through the entire process.


Kampus is a coworking space led by one of our early consultants Cedric Hebert – a true friend to Grow Still. They have enthusiastically agreed to host our Petit Grow Shows this summer! Shoutout to Ced, Charles and Bilal!


If you are part of a for-profit business which values system-based transformation and who wants to support an organization like ours, please reach out to inquire about our sponsorship opportunities.