grow still four characters interacting
Grow Still 4 characters interacting

What is Grow still

Grow still is a not-for-profit support centre and resource for emerging adults (18-32 years old). We envision a world where the Canadian education system acknowledges the gap people feel when they are transitioning out of high school whether they choose to pursue post-secondary studies or in many cases, for those who choose not or do not have the means to. One where there is access to integrated tools and resources that provide real tangible support and open up the mind to what is possible.

We believe that everyone can succeed at what they aspire to do if they have the right tools and guidance behind them. These are the people that will be game changers in society who will continue to innovate to fix the problems that are occuring at a deeper systemic level.

Grow still supports anyone in this age bracket looking to connect with themselves, transition into their career with confidence, or learn to make decisions from a balanced mindset.

Emerging adults

The transitional period between adolescence and adulthood is where the term emerging adults comes into play. In these stages, if the identity is not clear, it becomes difficult to develop healthy relationships with the self, work, love, and in life. This is because how we choose to cope fully develops during this time period. More often than not, society’s external pressures can encourage unhealthy ways of coping, leading to a disconnection with the self, substance abuse, over-work, worsened mental health issues and more.

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Our mission

Our mission is to guide young people through a process of introspection, innovation and growth so they can evolve into their best selves. This is facilitated through our workshop series, one-on-one peer support and through our events that are targeted at helping people find a sense of balance and well-being while being a work-in-progress.

Our services