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Our Mission

Provide guidance and support services to emerging adults (18-32) struggling with psychosocial, physical and occupational health, while promoting holistic wellness, help-seeking behaviour, social connectedness, and healthy workplace development.

What is Grow still

Grow still is a non-profit support center for emerging adults (18-32 years old). We provide workshops, tools, and many other resources to help emerging adults transition successfully into adulthood. Our programs are based on various socioemotional and psychological theories that provide a holistic approach to wellness.

We believe that everyone can succeed at what they aspire to do if they have the right tools and guidance behind them. Emerging adults are the people that will be game changers in society who will continue to innovate to fix the problems that are occurring at a deeper systemic level, which is why responding to their needs is essential.

Grow Still was created to empower emerging adults to be autonomous in their development, to integrate lasting holistic wellness, and to feel supported by their community.

Featured Workshop:

Be Who You Art

Workshop series focused on self-exploration through art.

Chloe Rowan, mural artist, art educator and creative mentor, will guide you through 7 magical free flow sessions, allowing you to explore yourself through various mediums and learn different techniques to expand your creative toolbox.

Special guests from a diverse array of artistic backgrounds will help us facilitate 3 of the workshops. Locations will be split amongst different venues on the Plateau.

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At Grow Still, we follow the 10 Principles of Community-Centric Fundraising in order to establish a safe, inclusive, and impactful foundation for raising money.

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